Jet Washers & Mobile Hot Boxes

We manufacture and wide range of van pack jet washers which are suitable for use across many industries and applications. Customers can choose between alternate models which offer different levels of pressure and flow rate.

We also sell high quality Italian made mobile diesel fired hot boxes. Compact with elegant design and excellent mobility. Simply connect to a cold water high pressure cleaner to obtain excellent performances. These are  reliable, compact mobile units:

CE approved.
Stainless steel cover.
No pre-heating time.
Immediate supply of hot water.
Easy to operate and low maintenance.

Hot boxes are an excellent solution for the cleaning of machinery, machine tools, engines, and transport equipment. They are also an excellent means for sanitizing various environments. Ideal for use in façade, roof, driveway, and patio cleaning.

Application areas:

Agricultural Food industries and on all general industries.
Chemical accidents.
Decontamination of human beings, machines, and systems.

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